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        As one of the first North American-based companies licensed to develop and deploy online gaming content, our success is the result of a growing ambitious team that balances work, creativity and fun in a collaborative environment. Our corporate culture focuses on treating our employees with respect while encouraging their personal growth and development, and we do this while never forgetting that we’re in a fun and fast-moving business.

        Some of our North America benefits and perks include:

        • Medical, dental and vision insurance
        • Generous paid time off
        • Short and long term incentive plan
        • Matching 401k
        • Life insurance
        • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
        • Short and long term disability
        • Game lounge
        • Snack bar stocked with beverages and snacks
        • Open collaborative environment
        • Positive and energetic team culture
        • Relaxed comfortable work environment
        • Bicycle parking

        Our benefits in India include:

        • Provident Fund (PF)
        • Health benefits to employees and family
        • Paid time off
        • Snack bar

        To learn more about current job opportunities, please contact us at careers@spingames.net

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